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 01_logo_orbea_azul_negOrbea Mountain bikes at Denver Bicycle Cafe

From the competition level Oiz M-Ltd and Alma M-Itd through the new Loki and Mx series Orbea delivers quality, soulful design and exceptional value.

Now is a great time to buy a 2016 Orbea Mountain Bike for 15% off pricing on available models.  Come in for a visit or call (720) 446-8029 for details



MX (1)

With the Mx 40 at $649.00 to the Mx 10 at $999.00 the motto is “Very Serious Fun” and this series offers an affordable, lightweight, sturdy frame in both 27.5 and 29 inch wheel options.  A great option for all year riding at a great price. Components and price vary by series.  Check out the MX 30, shown here, or MX 40 at the Bike shop today!







2017 models starting at $1499.00 for the Loki  27+H30 or the Loki 27+ H-20 at $1699.00 the Loki is a mid-fat hardtail for everyone seeking fun without compromise.  Riding the Loki will put a huge grin on your face!  You’ll float over every bump and glide on your favorite trail.  The Loki’s hydro frame is married to Shimano’s new wide-range 11-speed XT drivetrain, and the Fox 34 Float Factory doing suspension work ensures that nothing will stand in your way of enjoyment in the dirt. Loki is a slack, fun 29er trail bike and it’s a 27+ bike that relishes new terrain. It’s inexpensive and attainable and it’s a niche bike at home in even the most exclusive bike collection. First timer. Expert shredder. The Loki 27+ H-LTD will renew your passion for riding, no matter your level.

Reviewed by Ron Koch for Bicycling Magazine  in “16 for 2016: The Best Affordable Bikes of 2016″





Enduro racing comes down to tiny margins, and the Rallon X30 at $3249.00 up to the X-TEAM at $5,999.00 are there to give you the added edge when the clock is ticking. Let its legendary BOS suspension shave time, with a custom-tuned Kirk rear shock ensuring you won’t get bogged down when things get hairy. Outfitted with a Shimano XT wide-range drivetrain and RaceFace Next carbon cranks, the X-TEAM climbs with bikes half as long-legged on the descents, making transfers a breeze instead of a bear. Whip instead of scrub. Knock your buddy off the leader board. Take the fun line instead of the easy line.  

Another new addition to the Denver Bicycle Cafe, for Enduro riders.      Read this great review at Bikerumor.com http://www.bikerumor.com/2015/07/21/all-new-2016-orbea-rallon-refined-into-high-speed-enduro-racing-machine/


occam20% off in-stock bikes.  Check out the Occam AM H50 listed at $2,299.00 or upgrade to the Occam TR M30 at $3,999.00

This is one of the most versatile mountain bikes made. Fiercely capable in heinous terrain with trail geometry but sporting XC race bike weight thanks an OMR frame, the new Occam is made for one thing, and one thing only: Mountain biking. It’s a true Renaissance Man of the sport, and why it’s wearing the finest accompaniments in M-LTD livery: Shimano’s XTR group, Fox Factory suspension, and DT Swiss carbon wheels. Occam uses complex technology to bring you a simple experience.  Rather, a startlingly light, remarkably stiff and cleverly-engineered piece of technology designed to last a lifetime. Only a few hundred grams heavier than our XC razor Oiz, Occam’s weight will turn heads. Let the Occam TR M-LTD welcome you home.




F245TTCC-RT-SIDE-ALMA%2029%20M-LTD%2016MAlmaStarting with the Alma H-50 at $1,199.00 up to the Alma-LTD at $8,999.00 the Alma line is “the pinnacle of speed, the Alma OMR frame is married to not only the world-beating electronic XTR Di2 drivetrain, but Fox’s ethereal electronic Float fork. When it comes to devastating competitors with no other advantage to be had, Alma M-LTD gives it to you in a way no other bike can. Alma is more than numbers, Alma is Soul. Alma has a racing pedigree, equal parts passion and special sauce that’s been the process since 2006.




“Born to Win” the Oiz line starts with the Oiz M-50 at$3,499.00 (now 20% off on one remaining bike in stock) to the M-ltd at $9,999.00.  The future is here. Electronic shifting, heralded by Shimano’s XTR Di2 kit, has breached the frontier of mountain biking. We’re sure that one ride on the revolutionary group on the groundbreaking Oiz M-LTD and you’ll be hooked. Designed to pinpoint the very precipice of efficiency, it’s mated to electronic Fox iCTD suspension and Mavic Crossmax SL wheels for the pinnacle of performance on the dirt. Wrapped around the 1.65kg Oiz OMR frame, this is the most advanced XC bike on the planet. Oiz is engineered for one purpose – Speed. The kind of lung-burning, cross-country efficiency that is expected from a racing bike, matched with DNA that devours rough terrain and leaves traditional hardtails behind. Oiz responds eagerly to each climb, every rocky, root-filled descent, pushing you to ride faster. Ride the bleeding edge on the Oiz M-LTD