It’s never been easier to buy a bike directly from the source, and we promote the Orbea buy-direct approach.  

Orbea is one of the top brands in the world and they offer exceptional value across the full spectrum of road and gravel/CX bikes – Check out Orca Aero, Orca, Avant or Terra models starting at $1,049.00 up to $7,999.00

Ask our staff about sizing and the best model for your riding style and we can help you pick out the best bike available, have it shipped to the shop and expertly built.  You can also order direct from the Orbea site.  Also check out the Orbea Outlet store for deeper discounts.





Avant M20Team id –  Go the distance – $4,599.00 

“Shimano’s unstoppable electronic shifting meets road hydraulic disc brakes in the Avant M20iD, a perfect harmony of dependability, speed, and a raucous attitude.  A bike fit that reduces fatigue and is designed to go the distance is perfect for the biggest challenges – Gran fondos, dirt road epics and marathon events. Go ahead, jump off the beaten path with the Avant M20Team iD.”





Check out the new Orbea Orca OMX



F150TTCC-F7-SIDE-ORCA_M30_USA_16_53Orca M30-Pro I9 – super fast, super price $2,699.00

Built for racing, but at the lower end of the price range.   The lower spine of the frame supports the upper members like a suspension bridge in a balance of lightweight rigidity. The downtube and chainstays of the Orca provide stiffness while the top tube and seatstays are tuned to almost nothing. The primary purpose of their slender shapes? To reduce mass.







ORCA M12 SRLTD 19  – Race machine for $7,999.00

“Underpinned by the 900g Orca OMR frame, the M12-SRLTDi9 is stiffness defying weight. Married to one of the lightest frames available is Campagnolo Super Record 11-29 12-Speed with FULCRUM Racing Quattro Carbon wheels.





CaptureCreate your own custom dream style on Orca models with MyO from Orbea.

The grand tour Orca line M-LTDi to M-20 can be customized with color, cockpit and components with Myo .

“Conquer Mountains, Climb Podiums”. As an authorized Orbea deal we can help you find your dream road bike.





The Orbea Terra helps you lead the pack or head off on an epic solo adventure on any terrain.  At home on dirt, gravel, rough or smooth roads, perfect for Colorado riding.   

Terra comes in 11 models starting with the TERRA H 19 at $899.00 up to the pro model TERRA M10-D 19 at 5,999.00