DBC_AngelinaArtsPhoto-212_PSThe Denver Bicycle Cafe was founded in 2011. We love a good cup of coffee, Colorado’s amazing beer, and, of course, riding our bikes.

The owners are close friends, and even slept in the same room as babies. We regularly escaped our cribs to wreak havoc in the huge house our families shared in central Denver. Even as teenagers, we’d sneak out of the house during sleep overs to play in Denver’s snowy nights. (Have you ever seen the eerie glow of streetlights in dense snowstorms?) Through the years, no matter where we each lived we maintained a strong connection, visiting and writing each other. Today, we’re inextricably entwined together running this business, for better and for worse!

The Denver Bicycle Cafe sprung from Peter’s head after he spent many years as one of CU Boulder’s transportation program managers. Jessica was living in Ecuador, teaching English and relaxing after graduating from DU, and Peter convinced her that his cafe idea was just what Denver needed. After months of “working in the cloud” with online documents and endless VoIP conversations, we were finally able to see our idea come to fruition. Over the summer of 2011 we worked to build the business, complete renovations and get the doors open. Welcome.