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Open daily 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

We are a neighborhood bike shop, and welcome all repairs, from racing bikes to kids’ trikes. If your bicycle isn’t working, we can fix it. We stock most common parts and can quickly and easily order anything you need.  Our mechanics are well trained and experienced with high-end road and mountain bikes and comfortable with the well-worn and trusted commuter bikes.


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Spot Repairs $5 – $20    Loose or sticky chain, loose cables, brakes rubbing, loose nuts and bolts, anything we can fix on the spot without parts.  Parts are extra but we’ll always discuss with your before completing the work.

Installation – $$ Price varies  We provide expert installation of high-quality bike parts and accessories.  We can special order any part and install it for you.  In some cases, installation is complimentary with the purchase of a bike part or accessory (check with the Bike Shop for details).  We can install your new lights, fenders, grips and grip tape, saddles or much more complicated accessories.

Quick Tune  $65   Safety check, adjustment of drivetrain and brake components.  Also includes lubing chain, cables and derailleurs.  Spot check wheels, check tire pressure.  Identify any replacement parts and costs before performing services.  Parts sold separately

Full Tune  $120-160   Includes all the work in a light tune plus drivetrain deep clean, full inspection and adjustment of all components, including bearing systems (headset, bottom bracket, hubs), removal and truing of wheels.  Identify any replacement parts and costs before performing services. $25.00 tandem surcharge.  Parts sold separately

Overhaul  $200 – $300  Beyond the full tune, includes complete deep clean of frame, wheels and drivetrain, cleaning and repacking bearing systems, new cables and housing, degreasing and lubing drivetrain.  Note: Higher price for MTB suspension rebuilds. Tandem surcharge $25.  Parts sold separately

Upgrades  – Estimated upon request   Upgrading your existing bike is a great option.  Meet with our bike service professionals to discuss your exact needs.  We can turn your mountain bike into a racing machine, or just accessorize your commuter bike.


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