Finely crafted espresso

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Brewed from fresh, locally roasted sources

Our coffee products emphasize high quality local roasting and a hands-on, gourmet brewing method. We seek to provide our customers with a diverse presentation of coffee beans from local roasters. Roasting is a lot like the beer brewing process: a variety of elements go into creating a final roast, such as the bean itself (and its source), the blending (or not) of the varieties, the roasting temperature, roasting duration, and so on. We will research and share information about the sources and roasts of our coffees, naturally with a lot of help from our roasters.

Roasting is only half the story of our product, however; a great deal of importance is placed on the brewing methods at our business. We will feature a hands-on brewing process, where beans are ground as close to serving as possible. We’ll offer a variety of brewing methods to showcase the coffee, whether it’s espresso, pour-over, french press or toddy, to name a few.