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The right saddle is one of the most important decisions you can make for your bike.  We proudly offer a selection of Road and MTB saddles from fi’zi:k.  Call the bike shop for more saddle choices or stop in and ask us about our fi’zi:k saddle test program.

fi’zi:k saddles are designed and fitted based on rider flexibility, the Spine Concept.  At Denver Bicycle Cafe Bike Shop we can use the fi’zi:k system to help determine the best saddle for you using the “Find your animal” flexibility chart.

The engineers and designers at fi’zi:k believe there are three different degrees of flexibility for road cyclists, and they relate those to three different animals; snake, chameleon and bull.

Snake is the most flexible type of cyclists who experience the best sitting on a light and tapered saddle, like the Arione model.

Chameleon flexibility is dependent on fitness level.  The more fit usually means more flexible but the best sitting is found with light support at the rear of the saddle, like the Antares model.

Bull is usually less flexible, they rotate the pelvis forward and sit in the pocket of the saddle so the best sitting is found with greater support at the rear like the Aliante model.

Regardless of your flexibility and riding style we can help you find the right saddle with our fitting system and test saddle program.